Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meanings And Usage

1. Quintessential - Being most typical (representative)
    Vidya Balan is a quintessential indian woman. (representative of indian woman)

2. Apparently - Readily seen. visible
3. Nostalgic - sentimental recollection. homesickness. A mixed feeling of happiness, sadness, and longing when recalling a person, place, or event from the past, or the past in general.

4.  Devout - Having or showing deep religious feeling or commitment
                   Totally committed to a cause or belief
     In the recent years he was devout and radicalized

5. Radicalized -

6. Fugitive - Runaway, escapee, refugee

7. Benefit of doubt - Believe what the person/party say and taking their word.

8. Cliche - Remarkably obvious

9. Stereotype - oversimplified image/idea of a particular type of person or thing.

10. Overhaul - Check something for mechanical faults. Examine and revise something thoroughly.